We are an interdisciplinary group, bringing together molecular neuroscientists, behaviorists, pharmacologists, computer scientists and electrophysiologists to address major questions in neuroscience

Ami Citri, PhD
Hagit Turm, PhD
Lab Manager
David Lipton.jpg
David Matthew Lipton, PhD
Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholar
Anna Terem
LSI PhD Student
Idit Yvgi.jpeg
Idit Yvgi
LSI PhD Student
Tomer Sheinfeld.png
Tomer Sheinfeld
Undergrad researcher (LSI & Cog) 
Ben Gonzales
LSI PhD Student
Noa Rivlin
ELSC PhD Student
Itay Shalom
ELSC PhD Student
Yonatan Fattal.png
Yonatan Fatal
Undergrad researcher (Open U)
Mohammad Tamimi
Undergrad researcher (Comp & LSI)
Administrative assistant.jpg
Eden Chen
Undergrad researcher (Physics & Brain)
Timna Kleinman.jpeg
Timna Kleinman
Undergrad researcher (Comp & Brain)
Gal Gilboa
Mouse Breeding Specialist


Gal Atlan, PhD; Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar, UCSF
Thesis: "
An anatomical and physiological analysis of the mouse claustrum and its function under sensory load"
Reut Ashwal Fluss PhD,,Computational Biologist
Currently: Bioinformatics Scientist at Sheba Tel HaShomer City of Health
Massimiliano Festuccia, visiting scholar 2020; Currently: Graduate student, INSERM, Montpellier
Diptendu Mukherjee, PhD 2020.  Currently: Postdoctoral Scholar, University College London
Thesis: "
Deciphering Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Behavioral Plasticity of Cocaine Experiences"
Lior Ziv, MSc 2020 (w/ Tommy Kaplan, Comp Sci). Currently: Data Scientist at Allot.
Thesis: "Neuronal inducible transcription is comprised of scaled modules"
Noa Bleistein, MSc 2018. Currently: Medical Student, Tel-Aviv University
Thesis: "The ins and out of the claustrum - studying principles of claustro-cortical connectivity in mice"
Doron Haritan, MSc 2017. Currently: Marketing Team Leader at Better Impression
Thesis: "Studies of the transfer function coupling neuronal activity to transcription in dissociated neuronal cultures"
Guy Posner, MSc 2016. Currently: Product Analyst at Roundforest
Thesis: "A look into the function & physiology of the claustrum"
Liz Izakson, MSc 2016. Currently: PhD student in neuroeconomics, Tel-Aviv University
Thesis: "Encoding of aversive and rewarding experiences in the brain" 
Dr. Bogna Ignatowska-Jankowska, Shimon Peres Postdoctoral Scholar 2014-2017
Currently: Research Fellow, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
Dr. Liat Shavit-Grievink, Postdoctoral scholar 2012-2013.
Currently: Medical Science Liaison at CTS